Prophet Link: An Evangelist of Hip-Hop Set to Release New Album ‘Hands & Feet’ in Spring 2024

Newark, NJ – November 2, 2023 – Reverend Michael “Link” Alvarado, known professionally as Prophet Link, is a New Jersey-based artist whose roots stem from The Bronx, NY. An independent artist and a servant of Lord Jesus Christ, Prophet Link is at the crossroads of spirituality and hip-hop. His unique musical journey brings a fresh narrative to the contemporary music scene. Prophet Link is now set to release a new album, “Hands & Feet,” in Spring 2024, promising a fusion of diverse musical styles and reflective messages.

Prophet Link’s music emanates inspiration, motivation, purpose, conviction, comfort, and joy. His recent involvement in the MTV VMA Weekend Experience events alongside DoItAll of Lords of the Underground highlighted the power of blending testimony, sermons, and worship with hip-hop, creating a unique worship experience that left attendees in awe. His upcoming album is an extension of this ethos, bridging the gap between hip-hop culture and spiritual enlightenment.

The forthcoming album “Hands & Feet” is an ode to Prophet Link’s spiritual journey and his commitment to spreading positivity through music. In the build-up to the album release, Prophet Link will share exclusive EPs encompassing a range of musical styles, all available for free download. The album cover, designed by Randy Bazile of Be Wise N.Y.C., is a visual representation of the album’s core message.

Prophet Link encourages his followers to stay connected and updated on his creative process by subscribing to his and following his Instagram channel for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and special releases.

With the album set to release close to Link’s birthday in Spring 2024, Prophet Link is inviting all music enthusiasts and spiritual seekers to delve into his world of musical expression.

For more information, follow Prophet Link on Spotify and Instagram.

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