Zachery Harnish looks to crush it in 2022

Zachery Harnish discovered his passion for photography early on in life. After taking a class on film in high school it was undeniable to him that this was the path he wanted to pursue in life. He attended the University of Rhode Island with the intent of furthering his knowledge base, but quickly discovered that he could get a better understanding of the field by getting hands-on experience. Upon leaving college he got a job photographing artists at local concerts in his home state of Connecticut. He was exposed to a wide variety of world-renowned artists from the likes of DaBaby, and Polo G.

Zachery spends most of his day learning more about photography and expanding his clientele base. Currently, he is involved with the company Four Shadow, which is a collective of 3 other aspiring photographers/videographers. Joining this company has helped Zachery tremendously and has furthered his knowledge base fourfold. Zachery mainly works with entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, brands, and companies. He has the special ability of reinventing anyone’s online presence nearly overnight. 

When he is not working on his passion, Zachery enjoys bettering himself through self-development. This past year, he has spent ample time in the gym and reading books to get a stronger mind, body, and spirit. Zachery knows that health is wealth and has been making that a staple in his daily routine.

What you should expect from Zachery in 2022 is a whole lot of content. He and his team at Four Shadow have audacious goals of being the leaders in their space. You can check out Zachery’s work on his Instagram page tagged below to see what he has been working on recently. The sky’s the limit for Zachery and his team at Four Shadow, don’t be surprised when you see him doing big things this new year.

Follow Zach on Instagram: @zacharnish

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