Discovering the Multi-Talented Music Artist: Kalvin Sheesh

Are you looking for a unique, fresh voice in the world of independent music? Meet Kalvin Sheesh, a vibrant artist that hails from New Orleans and Dallas. With a musical style that’s hard to pin down but easy to love, Kalvin brings raw emotion and storytelling to a whole new dimension.

“Music is love, love is music. Without it we literally have nothing. Take the time to truly listen, feel, and interpret all the futuristic sounds, and glimpses of greats in my music.” – Kalvin Sheesh

The Driving Forces Behind Kalvin Sheesh’s Music

Kalvin Sheesh is an artist unafraid of taking risks and putting himself out there. Coming from a musical theatre background, Kalvin has always been drawn to the entertainment industry. For him, risk-taking is a critical part of being the creative director of your own life.

“If there’s one thing I can say for any and all upcoming artists, stay humble, be kind, and never be afraid to step into the limelight.” – Kalvin Sheesh

One visit to his Instagram and you’ll see how Kalvin Sheesh works on his craft diligently, always eager to engage with his audience.

Creating On His Toes: The Kalvin Sheesh Method

What sets Kalvin apart from other artists is his ability to create quickly and efficiently, which he calls “creating on my toes.” His versatility doesn’t just stop at his music; he’s also involved in acting, modeling, and dancing. This has opened doors for him, making valuable connections across multiple creative industries.

“From acting, modeling, dancing, and singing I’ve set myself apart by being a powerhouse in all four areas. Never fearful of any challenges.” – Kalvin Sheesh

His Musical Journey and Recent Projects

Kalvin Sheesh’s music is a combination of various influences and his own life experiences. His most recent release, “On My Own,” showcases an 80s pop sound fused with modern electronic beats. He describes the song as a dance electronic pop sound that “will melt your ears.”

And there’s more to come! Kalvin is working on an EP called “Late Bloomer,” which is sure to keep his fans eager for more.

The Message He Wants to Convey

Kalvin wants his music to resonate with entrepreneurs, misfits, and those who feel overlooked. He seeks to empower people and give them a break from reality, even if it’s just for a moment.

“The message is love and heartbreak. I hope to resonate with all the entrepreneurs and misfits who never get accepted or the attention they deserve.” – Kalvin Sheesh

Future Aspirations: What’s Next for Kalvin Sheesh?

Kalvin is currently independent but is working on label representation. His plans include performing in front of large crowds, finishing up his EP, and hopefully collaborating with big artists in the industry.

“You are always one play away from your goals. Don’t ever let anyone tell you no. Music is your art, your canvas, draw whatever your mind sees or hears.” – Kalvin Sheesh


Kalvin Sheesh is an artist to keep an eye on. His diverse talents and unique approach to music and life make him a standout character in the ever-competitive music industry. For those looking to discover new music that’s emotionally resonant and technically impressive, Kalvin Sheesh is a name you won’t want to forget.

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