Underground Artist Apollo Fresh Emerges Strong

Inspired by artists like Kendrick Lamar and Andre 3000, Apollo Fresh released a new EP called, “Life is Anime” this past December. This EP embodies the enjoyment of life and amine and highlights the part of life that anime tends to be inspired by.

As a young, first generation, Haitian American raised in Broward County, Florida, Apollo Fresh began playing instruments and free styling at the young age of 7. As he got older his music style evolved into rap, and by 15 his friends had convinced him to make a song because they liked his freestyle so much. Self-doubt and insecurities tried to hold him back, but once he began to gain confidence in his abilities he fell in love. He continued to dedicate time to music all throughout his education as he pursued higher education, entrepreneurship programs, and his own mental health all while his first hit blew up. 

As an independent artist he has transformed his music career creating a hit with JoJo pose his senior year of college and doing underground shows all around Florida. Some songs have over 45 million plays, but his real greatest achievements come when fans express to him how his music has changed their lives. He has loved working with Blake$ale but wishes that he could have the opportunity to work with Pharell.

Apollo Fresh continues to make music channeling anime and his emotions. His music is described as purposeful, animated, and energetic and can even be seen in his music video for Gomu Gomu bounce that was released October 2021. 

Listen to Apollo Fresh on Spotify

Follow Apollo Fresh on Instagram:  @apollo_fresh

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