The Sky’s the Limit for Brian Rackliffe

Brian Rackliffe is a 23-year-old creative from Bristol, Connecticut who graduated from Marist College in 2020 with a bachelor’s in communications. Brian has an overwhelming passion for music which is how he manifested the idea of becoming a creative. Since he does not sing or play instruments the best way, he could bring talent to the industry would be through shooting photos and videos within the music industry. His dream to work in the industry kick started his journey and he joined this collective this past year. He was driven by knowing that he valued doing something he loved over making money doing something that didn’t fulfil him.

His hometown does not typically breed big name videographers or photographers which he intends to change with his big moves in the upcoming year. He joined this creative space because it came naturally to him. During his sophomore year of college, he got into using DSLR cameras which gave him a new medium to push his creativity through. This became his passion, and he began doing small projects around his campus and home which led him to where he is today. Brain is mostly inspired by his team members. It motivates him to see what his team members can do at such young ages. His team members also push him to be more confident with his imagination and creativity showing him the sky truly is the limit. He also draws inspiration from his family and friends who have supported him and helped him believe in his path. Brian and his team are constantly working to be putting out new work and they are excited for everyone to see what they have coming next.

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