TeddyBearBless is A Man of All Talents

TeddyBearBless is a Haitian American artist who was born and raised in New York City. He got his start in the music industry by working behind the scenes as an intern for video producers. TeddyBearBless has had many life experiences leading to his unique skill sets including attending four different high schools, two different colleges, working as a photographer, video director, and talented script writer. He also has talents including acting, dancing, and entertainment that help push his versatility in the industry.

TeddyBearBless values all parts of his career and life that have given him such valuable experiences which allow him to help change lives and make people happy. He strives to be a role model to children as well as those around him on both a professional and personal level. He is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York working on many projects including being on an episode of the Jerry Springer Show which will be on air in October. He has also made waves online being viral on WorldStar multiple times. He also has had the pleasure to learn from and work with artists such as Daniel Jean, Jim Jones, Rowdy Rebel, Tony Yayo, and much more. He has worked hard to overcome financial challenges being in the industry and being able to find his own creative voice. He has made his name known through his patience, motivation, and dedication to his craft.

He sees himself being able to change lives through motivating and inspiring others to be driven by their dreams and chase their most fulfilling life. He hopes to grow as a person and entertainer in the upcoming year and get recognition for his accomplishments.

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