Making it Out of the Mud: An Inspiring Story

Wesley Bailey, better known as Rapper YDD is an independent artist and author from Mount Dora, Florida also known as Slumpville. His music is based around the firsthand experiences he has gathered throughout his life including his father being a local drug kingpin. Rapper YDD got wrapped up in the lifestyle of his father and ended up going down that same path. This path led him to being incarcerated twice which ended up changing his life for the better. During his second incarceration he decided to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist and author. While behind bars, Rapper YDD wrote his first urban novel Slumpville which details the highlife in the drug business and the consequences that follow with that lifestyle. Both of his books, Slumpville and Slumpville 2, are highly coveted in the prison system.

Music is something that has always been a part of his life, however it did not become a career for Rapper YDD until 3 years ago. This is when he started recording his music in studios and working with professionals to perfect his craft. He has always drawn inspiration from how music can change someone’s emotional state and hopes to be able to do that with his own creations. He also draws inspiration from professionals such as Plies and 50 Cent. Plies makes timeless hits while also being vocal about societal issues which is the overall goal for Rapper YDD. He is also able to relate to 50 Cent as he is doing what Rapper YDD aims to do with film and television.

Check out his recent release “Down in Florida” featuring John Wicks, “Rentals”, and “Trap Going Hard.” be on the lookout for the release of his upcoming album “JITT” on all platforms.

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