Meet Matheus Oliveira

Matheus Oliveira is a rising entrepreneur and top marketing executive at Everyday Success Team. Matheus got his start as an entrepreneur while he was attending the University of Rhode Island in 2018. Being a soccer superstar Matheus has always had a deep passion for working out. In his heart he always enjoyed serving others as well so to blend his two passions he started an online training company. In just a few short years by the time he was a senior he had over 150+ clients. His breakthrough came when he discovered the company Everyday Success Team.  

Matheus saw the impact this company had on his brand, and he knew if he joined the team, he could help so many other rising entrepreneurs grow their business. Upon arriving there, Matheus worked himself up to a top marketing executive. He now helps serve over 500 clients and continues to expand his reach day in and day out. At EDST, Matheus focuses on helping entrepreneurs, content creators, artists and businesses build an elite online brand. He does this by increasing their credibility as well as their social exposure, by offering a variety of different services such as social media strategizing, marketing, public relations, advertising management, radio spins and many more.

In the future Matheus aspires of not only continuing to grow within the company, but to become a motivational speaker as well. Along his journey to success, Mathues has experienced numerous trials and tribulations. He knows he can help shorten the learning curve for so many and help point them in the right direction. With his passion and work ethic the sky’s the limit for Matheus Oliveira.

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