King Tay Looks to Take his Business Global

King Tay is currently one of the top promoters in the country and is looking to expand his reach globally. Getting his start in 2003, King Tay started off by helping build up local businesses in his home state of Maryland. As word began to spread of the impact he was having, he got introduced to his future mentor HollyWood. HollyWood was dominating the state of California and later taught King Tay all she knew.

King Tay specializes in helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses that wish to upscale and grow their businesses. He has the gift of taking new or underperforming products and can reimage and market them properly so you can see a major increase in sales. He implicated sales, marketing and distribution strategies that are innovative, reflect to your brand and produce measurable results.

King Tays team consists of high-caliber marketing consultants and campaign designers who have successfully worked with clients from all different industries. They have experience in all facets of event development, sales, and marketing. Including creative sales promotions, web savvy marketing plans and event coordination. The philosophy he operates under is marketing success is a result of setting practical application and a passionate commitment to the result.

If you are just starting out and need some guidance or have a pre-existing business that is currently struggling, King Tay can certainly help you turn everything around. His passion is helping others succeed.  The satisfaction he gets from changing people’s lives and seeing them achieve their dreams is what he lives for. Reach out to King Tay and he will help elevate you to the next level no matter what industry you are in.

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