JaysenLazy is a Name to Remember

JaysenLazy was born and raised in Compton, California where he attributes music to saving his life. He explains his life in Compton was difficult and a lot of people from that area do not make it out alive. He started being inherited in music as a child where he learned that good music could change people and help them get through tough parts of their lives. This is when he knew he wanted to be someone who could create something like that for someone else. He began rapping before he even knew how to write and held that passion for music to this day.

During his time growing up he was struggling both physically and emotionally and music saved him before he even knew he needed saving. He found himself in a depression that was very hard to pull himself out of and turned to music to do just that. Through the music he makes he hopes to let his listeners see his drive, ambition, and emotion which he puts into every song. These core values are pumped into every line he writes, and he hopes to be able to show that to his listeners and be able to help them find those values within themselves. He also hopes to show them that no matter where you come from and what your upbringing is, you can reach your dreams and potential if you truly work for it. JaysenLazy’s biggest accomplishments as an artist include getting recognition from The Game and Fat Joe about his music. Check out “Suicidal Depression” coming out May 10th and is sure to light up the charts.

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