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Post-Doctoral Fellow Turns Music Entrepreneur

As most artists do, Jarred Rosenberg grew up connected to music. He grew up surrounded by a collective of all music genres inspired by his own families’ different musical interests. Road trips were never unaccompanied by the radio but for him, it was never considered as a career choice for himself.

Jarred grew up in Long Island, NY with his parents and sister and later moved in Massachusetts where he earned his bachelor’s in science, master’s in business administration, and a doctorate in pharmacy. Throughout his schooling he was always rooted in the music industry and after finishing school he had one of the hardest decisions he had to make. Jarred chose to walk away from his mapped-out plan and pursue something that had always been there- music.

Being able to create this opportunity for himself and grow together with his artists was like finding the missing piece to a puzzle he had been looking for all along. He is now, Jarred J. Rosenberg: the artist developer, the music manager, and the social media specialist. His name continues to grow across the state of NY and his ability to help artists is rapidly expanding.

The best thing he can do for up-and-coming artists is help them convey what they want to say and help them through their creative processes. Life is what you make of it and Jarred is proud of his first project “Vaulted”, release in late 2021. “Vaulted” is a compilation album of all the lost songs from artists that had never been releases until now.

Jarred continues to grow and pursue new and artists and would love the opportunity to work with artists such as Justin Bieber who have shown such versatility and inspiration over the years. Jarred says, “Learn to live your life on your own terms…When you start to live life how you want, that’s when you will truly start living.”

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