Ilya Matyushin Shows Hard Work Pays Off

 Ilya Matyushin is a 20-year-old videographer and editor who had developed a passion for videography at a very young age. Ilya was born in Russia and was raised in East Tennessee. He got his start making YouTube videos and building an audience around his YouTube content. During this time, he studied other filmmakers and content creators who were older and more experienced to learn from them and help fine tune his process. Ilya quickly fell in love with the process of making videos, specifically the cinematography and editing aspects of it. This love drove him to learn as much as possible about this process to get even better. He started making cinematic styled vlogs and travel videos and soon transferred into the music space shooting music videos and concert recaps for artists. He now shoots projects across the board for all different clients within different industries which helps him be a more versatile worker. One of his biggest challenges as a creator is being a perfectionist and having trouble being fully satisfied with his finished work. Even as a child making his YouTube videos with his friends, he was always hard on himself about the quality of his work. This pressure he puts on himself helps him create amazing works of art that he is proud of, and his clients are more than satisfied by. His end goal for all his work is to make the audience feel something. He wants to make whoever is watching his work feel fully engaged in it and invoke some type of emotion out of it. Overall, he strives to tell a story that captivates his audience. He currently works with FourShadow collective which is four guys who have a genuine passion for the creative space. Each person specializes in a slightly different area which makes the collective even more powerful when servicing clients in different industries. Be on the lookout for more work coming from Ilya and FourShadow.

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