Fresh Micks is a Hometown Hero

Fresh Micks is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, mix engineer, and record producer from King City, California. He spent most of his young life growing up in a struggling home. From the age of 9, Fresh Micks used music as an emotional outlet to help him work through his difficult times. At this age he began to play the violin which unlocked his ambition to learn about music on a broader scale. As he grew older, he expanded his musical repertoire to include the piano, guitar, bass, and clarinet. From 2013-2015 he created a name for himself locally when he released a series of freestyles and remixes on YouTube. He also released mixtapes “Learning Experience” and “Hometown Hero” during this time helping solidify himself in the local music game. In late 2018 Fresh Micks took a leap of faith by quitting his job and moving to upstate California to begin his work as a freelance mix engineer and producer for other artists, all while continuing to perfect his own craft. In December 2021 he released “Disaster 2” which is a soulful, melodic, R&B body of work that garnered the attention of music blogs, music critics, and fans making this a new era for Fresh Micks. He works hard to both write and produce his music as well as work with the talented producer Dylan Graham to create his hits. His music conveys his personal values that it is okay to be expressive and vulnerable while still being cool. He hopes his fans can relate to not only his personal struggles and situations emotionally but can also see that he enjoys what he does and wants to bring happiness to his listeners. Be on the lookout for more hits being released in the upcoming year from Fresh Micks.

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