Following in Meek Mill’s Footsteps: 3azy Kane

Growing up in Philly, it’s easy to look up to the big-name rappers who have made it out like Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert, and PNB Rock. As a result of rappers like the superstars, rappers like 3azy Kane have started to hone their craft in search of stardom like they’ve achieved. 3azy Kane started rapping as a kid because of how often in appeared in his life but didn’t really take rapping serious until his got to college and linked up with his future labelmate, Hollywood Kane.

             Since linking up with Hollywood Kane in college, 3azy Kane has gone from a college dormitory rapper to a budding superstar in the rap game. He lists his biggest musical inspirations as Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, and Tupac. He takes inspiration from all three rappers’ versatility and tries to showcase his own versatility in his music and with his sound. As of now, 3azy Kane has a recording partnership with an indie label named Kammb Mile High Gang, also known as KMG, which gives him the opportunity to work in a professional setting and get access to lots of top-notch equipment.

             Kane recently released a track “Demon Time ft. Kur” with his labelmate and college buddy, Hollywood Kane, which came out on February 11th. At the end of February, 3azy Kane plans to drop an EP “NEGUS” in celebration of the completion of Black History Month. Kane is looking for more and more opportunities and says his biggest musical achievement so far has been freestyling on stage with Wyclef. He’s on his way to the top and will no doubt be the next great rapper out of Philly.

Check him out on Instagram and Spotify.

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