Dennis Driftmeyer is a Natural Talent

Dennis Driftmeyer is an independent DJ and singer who was born in Phuket, Thailand and now works in the Boston area. His musical aspirations started at a young age when his mother signed him up to be in the choir in elementary school. During this experience is when he learned he had a natural talent for singing and interpreting music. His musical career started to become a serious aspiration three years ago when he was collaborating with a friend in his studio. He has always been a natural talent, but this recording session allowed him to understand how to craft this natural talent to make hits for others to enjoy. Once he started making music his hits began to take off.

One of his greatest achievements in his career was his mother being able to hear his song play on the radio since she was the one who helped him see his talent for music. Aside from his mother, he draws inspiration from famous artists such as Drake, Bob Marley, and Pharell. He can appreciate their ability to bring a crowd to their feet and truly entertain an audience. He aims to be able to invoke emotion within his listeners and let them share his feelings.

Dennis attributes his success to his unwavering hard work and perseverance toward his craft. His next project will be coming out soon which includes a mix of Afro beats and soul music. It encompasses living life to the fullest while also being comfortable in your own skin.

Be sure to listen to this pure talent on Spotify

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