Baby Demon Humble and Hard Working

Life is all about how you learn from your life and your surroundings and Baby Demon did just that. Growing up and dealing with losses, he has learned to be humble and patient, and to continuously improve himself every day. 

Growing up in Philadelphia, Baby Demon grew up fast as a young father but has taken that opportunity to grow in the music industry. As a kid he started freestyling at school with his friends and just messing around with music, but he didn’t start taking it seriously until about two years ago. He draws inspiration from artists like Meek Mills who is also from Philly and knows what it’s like to live there. 

Baby Demon wants his listeners to relate to him the same way he relates to Meek Mills and know that even if you’re at your worst moment in life you still have to grind. 

Working both with PluggedIn Sounds and Phouy, baby Demon is always working on music. He would be so grateful to work with Lil Baby, but for now his greatest achievements are his music videos and getting out his new EP about life in the streets and making it out. 

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