Ayo Potter is a Unique and Fresh Talent

Ayo Potter is an independent artist born and raised in Landover, Maryland where he experienced hardships from a young age. Being born in an underdeveloped area and being in poverty caused Ayo Potter to turn to music as a way out. Even as a child he watched Disney Channel and was immediately drawn to the music. He was always drawn to the creativeness involved in making music and wanted to try it for himself. He started doing music on his own from learning how to play instruments and worked his way up to recording. Aside from his environment, he also experienced tremendous loss with the death of some of his closest friends.

Using music to work through this trauma helped him grow as an artist and create relatable and genuine music. He currently works with Markizey who is an engineer at Hustle Firm Studios to help create his music. He works hard to create hits constantly for his fans and puts out new music every week. Making music comes easy to him as he is truly connected with the creative process. He gets inspired by the openness of the rap genre where he feels he can write and sing about whatever he wants without having to feel tied to any style or topic. He feels he can be free to be different than everyone else and that shows through his music. His music can be described as interesting, entertaining, and different as he works to put out hits that both tell a story and ride a contagious beat. Be on the lookout for upcoming hits from Ayo Potter coming this year.

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